This is a story of village which was entered by strange woman called Pavnaa, who claimed she came from a far village where she have been driven out after her parents death.

She was found by the prince Zuu Bukali who sent her to live in the palace.

From then a tragedy befell the village and people have been dying mysteriously in the village and one young native of the village called Zanjina Was always suspected of killing them and consuming other crimes.

Anytime he is caught for punishment by the chief of the village called Naa Beemoni, an old man called Dokur Dirli will come to the venue and caution the chief to be just about the matter; this issue was a worry to the people of the including the strange girl who entered the village. Just read the story itself.



Ever since Kennedy Brown laid eyes on Andrew Matthews she knew there was something to him that did not meet the eye. He was too good looking too smart and too everything.

One day she stumbles on don’t she was clearly not supposed to see….. What will happen to her now? The only way to keep her life is to keep her mouth shut.



I am called Radel Nana Lane and actually known to my family as the prostitute daughter, who is this woman I don’t even know?

She gave birth to me and left me to bear all her insults for her dirty work huh. I hate her more than the devil.

Thank heavens I have my grandma Natuh. She is like my fairy godmother and maybe am Cinderella like how my crazy friend calls me. And my Mr. Unknown I hope he is hot



Kelvin Dim had a perfect life until his mother ruined everything. He vowed never to have anything to do with love so as not to meet the same fate as his dad until he met Kim.

Kim Abah was a very peculiar tomboy who wishes to be loved for who she is. Having lost the only people that understood her, she finds herself drawn to the uptight rich guy that irks yet excited her.



“How do I not have the right?! I’m your husband. And how can that bastard of a man have the right then? How dare he think of you? You are mine and-

Zia fiercely cut him off, eyes clearly filled with rage. “I am not yours, Kay. If I was, then why did you throw me out of your house and not believe me when I had told you my explanation?”

“You are mine!” He simply replied, his every word clear.